November 2018

Money & Relationships

HOW TO TALK ABOUT MONEY WITH YOUR PARTNER I remember years ago, my husband and I, created a chest for our wealth corner. We filled it in with coins, positive messages and a watch, we were clear that either negativism, time or money are relationship killers, so we made a commitment to be opened about money, to support each other and to make sure we always have time to spend as a couple and as a family. In regards money, we were clear that the terms “your money” or “my money” don’t exist, it’s our money and as long as we have the basics on our budget covered, and by basics I mean food, shelter, utilities and our son’s education we are pretty much free to do whatever we want with our self-care money, aka money we allocate to do something we enjoy. We are equal Something that is important for us is to feel equal. There’s no “I am the bread winner” statement in… Read More »Money & Relationships