March 2021

Mindset for Business Success

I feel like in the past weeks I’ve been disregarding the importance of having a winning mindset when you are in business. I wanted to stress the importance of strategy, mostly in response on what I saw happening around me: business owners paying astronomical sums to work with a coach that the only they recommended was to increase their prices in order to meet their income goal, and if they refused the coach blamed the business owner’s mindset not to be abundant or prosper enough or them not valuing themselves. Hence, my blogs about strategy. However, I do believe that mindset plays an important part in the business success equation. Mindset in the success equation Mindset + Strategy = Success Stepping into entrepreneurship taught me that in order to be successful I needed to develop a different mindset that the one that helped me climb up the corporate ladder. This week I became aware that my mindset still needs some fine-tuning and alignment to my… Read More »Mindset for Business Success