Free Business Budget Template

Say hello to sustainability and growth

Tell money where to go, including paying yourself, rather than wondering where it went. 

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A budget will ensure you have money for the activities that are important for the sustainability and growth of your business

Most people think that setting up a budget will limit their possibilities, but it is actually the opposite, it will give you freedom. Will help you set the path to achieve your goals, track your income and expenses.

Advantages of Budgeting

Who is this template for?

This template can be adapted to any business around the world, however, it will be perfect for:

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Common misconceptions about budgeting

Most frequent questions and answers

Doing a budget doesn’t need to be time-consuming if you follow the prompts of the template, just fill in the information and it won’t take you long to have a good and clear picture of what is happening with your money. You can also download your financial data for the past year and use it as guidance, use the sorting feature of either Google Sheets or MS Excel or if you are an advanced user you can also do pivot tables to add categories.

You’ll be surprised! Some side hustles are making a profit without knowing and drafting a budget will help you identify opportunities to grow the business and make more money! 

Once I worked with a lady that was selling second hand clothes online as a hobby but when we analysed the numbers she was surprised of the big margin she was making and was able to take it more seriously and scale it. Welcome more money!

I love this statement! Making a budget will give you the opportunity to know where your money is going: you may be overspending in areas you don’t need to or maybe you could become more efficient in managing your costs, you could have more money and dedicate it to a higher purpose. 

You’ll be amazed how many small businesses waste money and opportunities because they don’t budget. 

It will help you manifest money before even needing it. The Law of Attraction will work better when you budget because the Universe will have clear instructions on what to focus on, removing any doubts or tension that you know weakens your manifesting powers. 

People think that doing a budget is for poor people or people that are broke “I’m on a budget” it’s a common response for people to make an excuse for not buying x,y or z.  However, you are always in control of what to spend on and what not to spend on, no excuses.  

Yes me too! Who isn’t? Some things are too good to wait! Allow an amount each month for impulse buys.


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