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Your business financials are the thermometer that measure the health of your business. A healthy business runs smoothly, has its cash flow under control, happy customers, and a productive and positive work environment.
Claudia Harley
Founder of Bookkeeping for Wealth

Numbers don’t lie.


They tell you how good or bad your business is performing.

But there’s nothing to fear, once you are in the know, you can introduce strategic measures to correct anything that is not going well.

Numbers can tell us many things, so we can then ask the right questions.

Numbers have told me about poor employee performance due to lack of training, help me assess the effectiveness of the business strategy, told me about where is best to invest money and efforts and also that a piece of machinery needed maintenance because it was consuming more resources or if  a client needed a booking system to properly track billable time.

Whatever your business is, there’s nothing that numbers can’t tell you. 

This is why we are offering you our signature package Ready, Set, Go with a Plus!


Understand your numbers

Keeping your bookkeeping up to date using a bookkeeping software will help you be in the know and based your decision on actual numbers, even if those numbers tells us a story we don’t want to hear, nothing can be as bad as not knowing where you stand. We will teach you which reports you need to look at and how to use them to boost perfomance.

Assess your business health. Plan your profit

The end of the financial year is the perfect time to do a Business Health Assessment. 

You already have your numbers to prepare their tax return.

Why don’t you use them for more:

  • Analyse the performance of your business as a whole
  • Start using a bookkeeping software
  • Project your figures to reach your revenue and profit goals.

What’s included?

45 Minute e-coffee chat

We chat to customise the chart of accounts, suggest automations and run you through the templates.

Quickbooks Customisation

QuickBooks set up with the chart of accounts that will help you take informed management decisions. Customisation of your invoices. Send your bills directly to QuickBooks Suggest automations that will save you time and have accurate information (additional charges may apply)

Annual Budget Template

Template to automatically populate your business annual budget based on your actual numbers and plan your strategy to reach your profit and revenue goals.

Business Health Assessment Template

Conducting at least quarterly assessment will help you spot those fluctuations in your business and plan your cashflow properly and implement timely strategies to cope with the demand or keep moving forward even in the slow times.

Breakeven Point & Cost Planning Template

Work out your breakeven point, the point at which costs equal your income, so you work your cost structure properly. It will help you smartly plan your costs and invest your money wisely.

Quickbooks Subscription

12 months Quickbooks Starter Online subscription (renewal at $15 per month after 12 months)

Your total investment: AU$249

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