Mindset for Business Success

I feel like in the past weeks I’ve been disregarding the importance of having a winning mindset when you are in business. I wanted to stress the importance of strategy, mostly in response on what I saw happening around me: business owners paying astronomical sums to work with a coach that the only they recommended was to increase their prices in order to meet their income goal, and if they refused the coach blamed the business owner’s mindset not to be abundant or prosper enough or them not valuing themselves. Hence, my blogs about strategy.

However, I do believe that mindset plays an important part in the business success equation.

Mindset in the success equation

Mindset + Strategy = Success

Stepping into entrepreneurship taught me that in order to be successful I needed to develop a different mindset that the one that helped me climb up the corporate ladder. This week I became aware that my mindset still needs some fine-tuning and alignment to my new self. I found myself questioning my success because I was judging myself under the lens of my old corporate self not as my current business owner one. 

Self development is quite the journey and whilst I’m achieving targets in my business, every day I learn something new about myself. Self development is continuous. Once I get to where I want to get, a new challenge appears, like a new mountain to climb appears. I used to resist it, which prolonged the discomfort not the need to do something different. I need to leave my current comfort zone to embrace this new chapter.

Your current mindset got you your current results. 

On the surface, it looks like I’m no longer staying in my comfort zone, but I do, it looks different from the one in 2018 when I was working in corporate. I reached a new plateau, it’s time to level up in order to grow and achieve bigger things. It is scary, it feels very cosy in here, but it is no longer serving me. 

Time to embrace this new chapter with a positive attitude.

Staying focused, resilient and in the flow

I want to share with what has worked for me and that has helped me stay focused on one task and not recklessly following all the ideas that came to my mind. Letting my chosen strategy enough time to work, taking smart and timely decision without overthinking it and based on facts, thanks to my bookkeeping and tracking systems.


Gratitude is key to happiness. Sometimes I am too hard on myself, not realising that what I have today is something I longed in the past. If you are a high achiever like me, we get too busy chasing the next thing. Just take a minute to be grateful for what you already have and achieved. 

Taking calculated risks.

Invest money on things that are worth investing. Evaluate risk and the reward. Not taking any risks or too much risk with no foreseeable return won’t get you anywhere.

Taking care of your health.

Sacrificing your health for success isn’t true success. Last year I thought I wasn’t achieving the economic success I wanted because of money blocks, but inner work showed me that I had the fear of burning out. Doing the mum thing, the business thing, the part-time employee thing, the wife thing, was too much to handle. I didn’t have the proper structure to balance all out. Know your priorities and manage your time. Take time to rest and nourish your body. Burnout is not fun, you end up being not productive. Outsource, prioritise and automate tasks and remember that rest is an important part of being in the flow.


There is enough or everybody. The only competitor you have is yourself, if you are too focused on what everyone else is doing, you’ll lose time and authenticity. Comparison and competition are time and energy wasters. 

Keep mistakes and failure in the proper context.

As a perfectionist  this took me a bit of time to learn. Learn from your mistakes and failures and try again. 

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

Thomas Edison
Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Embrace change and growth. Nothing new can be achieved without growing in some way. It might be your skills, attitude, discipline, or courage that need an upgrade. Feeling stuck is a sign that something needs to change. Growth isn’t pleasant, it can bring discomfort and pain, you are learning and doing something new, you may fail or make mistakes which are just lessons. How uncomfortable are you willing to be to become successful? The willingness to be uncomfortable is the limiting success factor for a lot of people.

Using positive language and being kind to myself. 

Notice how you think and how you talk to yourself. Is it positive or negative? Learn to love yourself, you become a better professional when you do, you’ll feel more confident and resilient. 

Planning and Goal Setting

Set measurable goals and a plan to achieve them. You don’t need all the steps mapped out, just the first one and the end goals. 

Get a great mentor or coach.

Someone that has the skills you are to want to develop or someone who has achieved the success you desire. This person knows what’s important and what is not.

How is your mindset? I created this very quick, 3-minute quiz to score your mindset. Give it a go and let me know how do you score! 

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